Pure relaxation through floating

Stressed, overworked and tired? And above all: no time? Floating, translated from the English with floating, is a new relaxation technique that can achieve positive effects already after the first application of about one hour. In a body-warm brine bath the body floats in the water and should lead to new energy and strength. Floating means to float in a relaxed way and relax.

What is Floating?

Sometimes you would like to just float away from the stress? There is indeed a way to do that - with floating. In this method, which can achieve both medical effects, as well as in wellness is used, the body is put into a limbo. Usually you go to a so-called floating tank, which is filled with water.

The water is heated to an extremely pleasant temperature of 34.8 ° C for the body. This temperature corresponds to the natural outside temperature of the skin so that you will not feel cold or heat during bathing.

With a saline solution and a magnesium sulfate content of about 70%, the density in the water is increased so that the body is possible to levitate. Just hovering leads to a pleasant relaxation of all muscles in the body. Many floaters describe that the entry into the water and the floating is to be described with the feeling of absolute deep relaxation, peace and serenity.

Escape everyday life - stress adé

In order to escape everyday life and to be able to isolate oneself from stress and hectic life, the shell-shaped floating tank is sound and light-insulated. In the tank itself, it is absolutely quiet and dark, you float in the water while the tank is closed.

At first, this may sound oppressive, but the very tactics of absolute isolation should lead to the desired reduction of stress. The body and the mind do not have to deal with the regulation of temperature, nor with sounds or images. Because neither our brain nor our nervous system can be stimulated by optical or acoustic stimuli, an inner, mental calm can set in. This can reduce stress and build a stress resistance at the same time.

Positive effects through floating

In addition to the therapy, it is also possible with Floating to achieve positive effects in the case of burn-out syndrome. Experts recommend floating in general to relax the body and mind, strengthen the immune system, and increase the ability to concentrate. A positive side effect should also be increased productivity and creativity.

The pending method of relaxation finds its use but also supportive of medical treatment in many medical areas. For example, floating can also be used in sports medicine, orthopedics and pain medicine. The spine is relieved by the floating of the body and even stubborn tension can be solved in the water. At the same time, the brine bath is a treat for the skin. The salt contained in the water, when used regularly, can have a positive effect on skin problems such as acne or atopic dermatitis.

Wellness variant: Floating areas

An alternative to the floating tank is also available as a wellness variant. So-called floating areas with open pools invite you to a weightless bath in the water. An additional difference in floating in wellness is that often light and sound effects are integrated here.

Thus, the original idea of ​​absolute tranquility in the wellness variant is somewhat alienated depending on the implementation. Absolute floating fans are just excited about the distinction in the floating tank of the environment and consider this indispensable. However, for people who feel uncomfortable in closed, confined spaces, floating in wellness can be a good alternative or even an introduction to "real" floating. No matter which variant of floating you choose: immerse, dive in and relax is the motto of Floating and Wellness.

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