Kneipp therapy - no old hat

In general, one understands by "Kneipp" cold fountains and treadles. The actual Kneipp concept is a holistic therapy that aims to harmonize body, mind and psyche and, above all, focuses on prevention. The Catholic pastor Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) justified the therapy concept named after him after he cured his severe tuberculosis, which at that time was considered incurable, through icy baths in the Danube itself. For a long time Sebastian Kneipp had to fight - again and again he was disputed especially with medical doctors - until his method was recognized.

Positive effects on health

The rules of Pastor Kneipp, his way of life and healing are as current today as they were then and are very well suited for the prevention and cure of various civilization diseases. They are optimal for the prevention and maintenance of health as they:

  • strengthen the immune system
  • increase physical fitness and
  • to build up increased resistance to mental and physical stress.

For example, water applications and exercise stimuli prevent a high release of stress hormones.

Holistic Kneipp therapy

A quotation from Sebastian Kneipp shows his approach: "The means that the natural healing method claims are based on light, air, water, diet, rest and exercise in their various forms of application, things that, if present normally, make the healthy organism healthy and recover if he is ill. "

The holistic Kneipp therapy logically includes five elements:

  1. Regulatory Therapy - Prevent and heal through the right life organization
  2. Nutritional Therapy - Prevention and cure through proper eating
  3. Exercise Therapy - Prevent and heal through physical activity
  4. Hydrotherapy - Prevent and cure with water
  5. Phytotherapy - Prevention and healing with plants

Rules therapy

The order therapy can also be described as the core of the Kneipp holistic therapy - it has the goal to get a healthy attitude to life. Body, mind and soul should be reconciled to create the conditions for a healthy life.

This includes building up healthy structures for the outer and inner order of life as well as the orientation of life to meaningful goals. Disease-causing influences must be perceived and, if possible, eliminated so that the person becomes physically and mentally more resilient.

nutritional therapy

The therapy concept recommends a versatile, balanced diet. The motto: protein moderate, carbohydrates copious and fat little. Ingredients should therefore be above all vegetable foods, fresh foods, native vegetable oils as well as dairy products and fish.

Denatured foods, such as white flour and sugar, as well as coffee and alcohol, are allowed only in moderation.

movement therapy

Regular activity without excessive performance and the targeted interplay of tension and relief are the basics of this therapy. Type and duration of physical activity are determined individually, as the Kneipp therapy knows no prohibitions or prohibitions, but only suggestions.

Exercise therapy includes a variety of sports: from gymnastics to yoga, from swimming to Nordic walking - everything that is beneficial to health. With regular training, it is possible to promote muscle growth, bones, cardiovascular, flexibility and coordination.

Water and bath therapy

Hydrotherapy is based on the healing power of water, as water exerts a temperature stimulus on the body, which in turn stimulates the immune system. This application includes castings, baths, washes, wraps and wraps.

Casting example: They are easy to use but have a lasting effect on the organism. The applications are carried out with a hose and almost pressureless water jet according to the cold-warm principle:

  • After a warm shower, arms and legs are poured from bottom to top, then the trunk is watered from the outside towards the heart with cold water.
  • The same procedure is then done with warm water.
  • The whole thing can be repeated several times in succession. The conclusion is always a cold cast.
  • Then wipe off the water only with your hands to use the evaporation and cooling effect.

Regular repetitions of these applications cause a training effect that strengthens the immune system and thus leads to hardening.


Medicinal herbs have been treated in ancient times; Nowadays, with modern scientific methods, the effectiveness and effect of herbs has been proven. They are used both for the prevention and for the treatment of diseases and are usually without strong side effects. They are used in the form of teas, infusions, juices, bath salts or ointments.

Conclusion: Kneipp therapy still up to date

"If you do not spend some time each day on your health, you will have to spend a lot of time on your illness one day." (Sebastian Kneipp)

Kneipp is as up-to-date as ever against the background of an increasingly complex and demanding world. The different therapies can all be used individually, but if all five elements of Kneipp's theory are lived, the whole efficiency of this teaching can unfold.

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